Schmidt Industries Die casting factory
Schmidt Industries Die casting factory, in Pinetown South Africa


Schmidt Industries Die Cast

The High Pressure Aluminium Die Cast facility is located at No.5 Suffert Street, Pinetown.
The die cast factory supplies high-pressure aluminium die cast components on a sub-contract basis.
Machining Capabilities
The company has machining capabilities to supply Machined Die Cast components
High Pressure Aluminium Die Cast Products
| Automotive Components
| Industrial Fan Parts
| Industrial Lighting
| Aluminium Toolboxes

Professional Experience

High Pressure Aluminium Die Foundry

  • Buhler 84 D 900 ton
  • Buhler 700 ton
  • Wotan 400 ton
  • Wotan 280 ton
  • Striko  Holding Furnaces
  • Tumbling and Shot Blasting Equipment
  • Heat Treatment Furnace

Machining Centres

  • Leadwell V30i
  • Leadwell V 40

Motor Industry

We have formed excellent relationships with major component manufacturers, namely:
  • GUD Mann Hummel – Oil Filter Covers
  • Robert Bosch – Alternator Drive End  –  Slip Ring End Shields
  • Smith’s Manufacturing – Air conditioner connectors  –  Wiper Arms

Other Products

  • Street Light Housings
Company Products
  • Aluminium Toolbox Components, thin walled components are efficient in terms of strength and weight, with each component being fully recyclable.
  • Garden Tools Pruner Handles
  • Aluminium toolboxes

Epoxy Coating

Finishing, epoxy coating and assembly of all products produced are also done at the factory in Pinetown